Haunted Castle Day Trip, WASHINGTON (1 Day/ 0 Nights/ Family of 4) $25


Alexander Castle


Where: Manresa Castle, Pt. Townsend, WA

Alexander Castle, Poulsbo, Ft. Worden, WA

Thornewood Castle, Tillicum, WA

When: Anytime! (We did it in November of 2012 and the weather was great.)

Cost Breakdown: $25 for gas

Tricks: As I always say, use those gas rewards from Fred Meyers or Safeway.  They can take off up to $1/gallon.  Eat breakfast at home and then pack your snacks and lunches to bring.  If you have older kids that are going with you, fun snack ideas could include a bag of bones, pretzel ghosts, or frozen banana ghosts.  To tour Manresa Castle, all you need to do is call ahead of time and let them know that you’re coming to take a peek inside.  Its a hotel, so they do have guests.  We didnt go inside Alexander Castle because it is also a lodging that can be rented by the night.  Thornewood Castle, unfortunately, has been the hardest to visit for our family.  I added it to the list of haunted castles, but in reality they keep it locked up pretty tight with a high gate.  Ive only been inside the grounds and building for a wedding, and there was a crochety old woman there that wouldnt allow us outside the “brides room” to get ready.


*Look for ghosts, silly!

*Scream periodically, just because.

*Take pictures to find ghostly orbs (or just because the castles are really pretty!)

*Check out other haunted locations in Pt. Townsend.

First things first, plan out your route.  We came from Tacoma, so we would stop at Thornewood Castle in Tillicum to get our first view of a haunted castle.  It really is haunted guys.  Its old, beautiful, and was the location for Stephen King’s mini series “Rose Red”.  If Stephen King thought it was a perfect location, then you know its cool. You can read about its history here and some reported hauntings here.

Second castle for us was Manresa Castle in Pt. Townsend.  This place was seriously creepy.  It is definately an older building and I would love to one day stay there and spook the heck out of myself (I doubt Id be able to sleep!).  We didnt call before we got there, thinking we would just take photo’s outside.  But it turned out to be a slow day and the front desk staff actually let us snoop around.  Later she brought out the keys to let us look in the most active haunted rooms (302 & 306) and then the attic where the old monk was said to have hung himself.  You must read all about Manresa Castle before you go.  There are two distinct stories about two seperate spirits that are said to haunt the castle. Read this, this, and this.  Note the video above.  That was my fun video of the castle.

Last, but not least is Alexander Castle on Ft. Worden State Park (also in Pt. Townsend).  Ft. Worden is an amazing gem that should get explored while you’re there checking out Alexander Castle.  The small castle perched on the hill was built by John B. Alexander.  You can read the sad story and check out some nice photos from another great Northwest blogger here.  Let her know I sent you!

While the bunkers at Ft. Worden State Park are not castles, some say they too are haunted.  They are very creepy to walk through, so bring a flashlight.

Noose in Manresa Castle